Sunday, 22 May 2011

Floral fad

Florals. They seem to be making a come-back. As if they ever went anywhere to come back from. I can not imagine a less offensive print. Imagine an idyllic garden scene… floral. Imagine a wedding… floral. They don’t really need to be featured in magazines do they? They are Spring Summer Autumn tea-dress, your bikini top, your Sunday best. Not to para-quote Auden with any disrespect. That is another favourite of mine.

Kooky Kouture

Style has gone mad. I think the ongoing debate concerning polka dots epitomises this madness. As a teen all the way to mid-late 20’s they scream “kooky”, “fashionable”. Any older than that, they say: “mutton dressed as lamb.” Odd phrase. I’m not sure about you but I’ve never seen a lamb repping patterned garments. The saddest of the 'polka-dotter's', however, is the older lady. For her, polka dots will be the worst fashion faux-pas as it will be that day that she stops being called eccentric, and is shipped off to an old people’s home. The place where pastels are everybody’s friend. At that point, all her old dresses and shirts and costume jewellery will be piled in boxes and given to charity shops. And the cycle starts again. 
I am lucky enough to be in the early stages of such cycle; where one can where what they want and it be acceptable. More than acceptable. It’s fine, “vintage is in”.