Monday, 30 April 2012

Foster the People at Brixton Academy - 27/04/12

Having never graced Brixton Academy with my steely presence, I thought there was no better excuse than for a band I’d never heard of, accompanying two old, and more clued up, school friends.

After a delightful little dinner at ‘Grace and Flavour’, a sweet and unadorned little cafe in Brixton village which sells a good range of mezze and wraps, we headed to Brixton Academy.
The exterior of the venue is impressive; the flouro-signs and columns giving it a retro feel. Inside is similar.
The two support bands, We Barbarians and Mini Mansions, were great. Energetic and pleasing on the ears, although there is not much that would distinguish them from other similar bands. They were a perfect support to FTP, however, and got the audience suitably pumped. 
LA-bred Foster the People’s entrance to the stage was clear even to the layman as they were met with ecstatic screams; from all age groups and genders. 
The audience was actually quite noteworthy. Having not been to a gig for a few years, since my Reading Festival days, I was expecting a sea of baby emos. Mais non, apparently audiences have changed over the years I have been absent; or possibly I have just moved back through the ranks. 
From my place at the back with the other adults, or young people who thought themselves too mature to be in the “mosh-pit”, I watched their set. I was pleasantly surprised - unsurprisingly as I had no prior expectations of the evening or band - that they were really good. Incredibly catchy music and unbeatable energy from all band members, especially 
their lead singer, Mark Foster. As indie-pop bands go, they were pretty damn good.
They must have done something right, I have just downloaded their album from iTunes. Musically and technologically behind the times as ever.