Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Music (not) to watch girls by

An issue has recently come to my attention; once, very offensively; once, embarrassingly; once, amusingly, (actually, there is an overlap between groups) and otherwise, just a normal amount: the music people listen to. 
I have been reading Emma Brockes ‘What Would Barbara Do?’ (incidentally, a hilarious book that I would recommend to anyone whether they like/dislike/loathe musicals) and it got my thinking about peoples music tastes. A lot of people seem to have the same faddy music tastes at the moment ... Dubstep, Techno... What next? Minimal Garage? Liquid pop punk? I am by no means a music buff and as such, have no idea what any of these component parts mean (Give me Dancehall, Classical or some silly pop song and I am a-ok). 
This embarrassing music taste of mine was shown up rather mortifyingly while running. For no explicable reason, 'Call Me Maybe' started playing in tinny chimes out of my phone (I do not mean; why did that specific song start playing, I mean why was it freed from the safe house that are my earphones to inform all passers-by of my incredibly lame running playlist.) I dealt with this nightmare occurrence in the same way one deals with falling over on their own; a failsafe (by failsafe, I mean compromising) casual chuckle to ones self.
I was slowly dealing with the wounds this that slightly traumatising event had inflicted on my ego later that morning on the tube when someone sat in the seat next to me with aggressively loud music, audible from their headphones. Granted I cannot fathom this as I have to listen to my music at a volume which assures not a vibration is audible to any human ear other than my own. I confronted the situation in a classically English manner: I tutted disapprovingly, grimaced, and considered moving to another seat but didn’t want to be dramatic.