Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Power Trip Dentists

I hate 'power trippers', and my new dentist comes under this category. I am by no means a big-headed person, but I would say I had good teeth - they are one of my strengths (as they should be after twelve years of orthodontistry). I am convinced this new power trip dentist has taken against me and my prized-teeth. Highly unlikely but it could possibly be because their quality can not be attributed to her - who knows how dentists' minds work.
Firstly she swore that there was no correlation between wisdom teeth and tooth-cramping. I may be wrong but, teeth aside, it doesn't take Einstein to see that if you try and ram too many cubes into a finite space, some are going to have to go wonky. She smirked when I suggested this may be the reason for my two front teeth overlapping and showed me her mildly overlapping teeth - I imagine as a demonstration that this cannot be avoided. Call me crazy but, a display which shows my dentist, one’s pinnacle of dental health, has imperfect teeth did not fill me with faith.
Today, I went again to ask her why a filling that she had done a month ago was causing constant pain. She said I would need antibiotics and I asked for how long. As I am going to a festival on Thursday I thought this was a responsible move. She looked at me disparagingly and said “Rebecca…” I think she proceeded to tell me that if I wanted the pain to stop I would need to take them, especially as she is on holiday for the subsequent three weeks. I am not entirely sure as I was so taken aback by the whole situation - paying seventeen pounds for a woman to patronise me, ruin my teeth and inform me of her holiday plans. Also, maybe because I was doing my best to pull a face which said: I may only be 21 but do not patronise me and stop ruining my teeth. Or at least don't holiday whilst you are in the process.
I asked her the options, “antibiotics and/or” … “root canal treatment or extraction”. EXTRACTION - it is confirmed, she is a nutcase. I returned home to ‘Google’ dentists in the area.
20 July 2011