Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sophie Morgan at Bloomsbury Art Fair

Bloomsbury Art Fair 2012 was a great affair; an eclectic mix of beautiful art and photography in Goodenough College on Mecklenburgh Square. 
Though the level of talent being exhibited was truly fabulous, one artist in particular caught my eye. It was initially the paintings of water that captured my attention; having focused on Hopper and water in my A-Level art, I appreciated that depicting water is no easy feat. The painter was Sophie Morgan. 
I spent some time looking at her interesting and beautiful pieces; in an incredible range of media - pencil drawings, blind drawings, paintings. It was only after a few minutes that I realised Sophie was in a wheelchair. In the way I think everyone does, I was immediately curious as to what lead to this. I did not realise her story ( would be so incredible. Every time I think about it, I want to cry. It does not seem, however, that Sophie has dealt with what life has thrown at her in this way. That doesn’t stop one wanting to cry - but it becomes not out of sadness for her but for utter incredulousness at her unerring bravery.
I think Sophie’s story struck a chord with me (as it probably does for all, for a variety of reasons) as I have sisters at that stage in life. Furthermore, I have felt on that brink of the next “stage” having recently finished university. I find it very easy to get too wrapped up in the banal trials and tribs of day to day life but in the same way a friend’s death last summer did, Sophie’s story gives one perspective. It feels silly to beat yourself up about not managing to write a blog post everyday, to be irritated at smashing a face powder, at an expensive phone bill. It gives you a shake up and is inspiring in a way that catches in your throat every time you think about it.